Not Opening today – Snow disappearing

I’m afraid yesterday’s thaw has melted too much of the snow on the field and there has been no fresh snow to cover the gaps. There is still some cover but the track of the tow is bare as is much of the steeper section of the slope. This means we won’t open today as it is not practical to run the tows.
Disappointing to have such good snow during the week and miss out at the weekend but that’s the vagaries of Pennine weather. We’ll now have to wait until there’s a fresh blast of cold air and hope for some snow with it.   

Not opening today

The rain forecast has arrived as have the warmer temperatures. Although there is still snow on the slope, it will be quickly worn and damaged if we open today. As a little more snow is forecast for tonight and tomorrow, along with colder weather, we have decided not to open today but hope conditions will improve so that we can open tomorrow.

We will review conditions early tomorrow morning and send out an update by 9.00am. If we do open, we will run the tows from about 10.00am.

Opening unlikely tomorrow

We’ve had 3 good days skiing & boarding this week with complete coverage of the field and rather thin but hard and fast conditions.
Unfortunately the forecast for the weekend is not promising with heavy rain and warmer weather starting overnight tonight. We will review conditions in the morning but if the forecast is correct, the snow will disappear quickly and conditions will be impossible for skiing. I’ll email an update in the morning as soon as we’ve been able to check the snow cover and the weather.

Opening today

Quick confirmation that we will open today at about 10.30 and stay open until 3.30 or so, if there are still members who want to ski. The Hemmel Cafe will be open from 10.00 to 4.00pm for any drinks or food you would need. Toilets are also open in the village.

Tows tomorrow?

There has been some snow today & more snow and frost is forecast overnight, however there has also been some warmer periods so we’re not certain what conditions will be like in the morning. Our plan is to open at 11.00am tomorrow, Friday but we will confirm in the morning.

Not open Thursday.

Another good day skiing today, albeit snow was thinner with some hard and icy patches. The forecast for tomorrow is for more snow, some of it heavy but also very strong winds making blizzard condition both on the field and on the access roads.  Because of the forecast, we’ve decided not to open tomorrow but do expect to run the tows on Friday.

Opening tomorrow, Wednesday

A very good days snow sport today and the cold is helping to keep the snow. The snow is a bit thin in patches but our matting means the whole field is very skiable. We’ll open tomorrow from about 10.30 and stay open until about 4.00pm. The weather forecast is for sunshine and temperatures at or below zero so should be perfect conditions throughout the day.

I’ve had confirmation that the public toilets in Allenheads were open today so I’d expect them to remain open throughout the winter.

Not enough snow today

I’m afraid there is not enough snow to ski. Only a patchy 2cms on the slopes so we won’t be opening today. The forecast is for the weather to warm up a little so we won’t be opening until there is fresh snow.

Have a good Boxing Day and lets hope for a snowy New Year.