Snow gone

I’m afraid yesterday’s snow turned to sleet & rain and there is now only a thin, patchy covering of wet snow left on the field. The forecast isn’t offering any more snow this week and then the weather warms up so I think we will need to wait for some proper wintry stuff before we open again.

Opening this week

There seems to be a lot of weather on the horizon with more snow but also gales. Our plan is to remain closed until Wednesday lunchtime. Assuming the forecast is correct and there is access to Allenheads, we’re hoping to open on Wednesday afternoon but will try to confirm nearer the time.

There is still no mobile phone connection from Allenheads so you may have to bear with us and some uncertainty around reporting the conditions.

Some snow but insufficient to open

There is snow at Allenheads but too thin and wet to ski so we won’t open today. Its possible someone may go and run a tow but, as there is no phone signal, we can’t be sure so don’t recommend going to the village unless you want to visit the Hemmel Cafe which is open and serving food, including Xmas lunch.
Lot more snow forecast during the week so we do expect to run the tows, probably Wednesday but watch for updates.

No tows today – maybe later this week

We’ve had 2 good days of skiing & boarding on excellent snow. There is still a full cover of snow across the field but the weather will be warm and wet today so the snow will deteriorate very quickly – if it survived the night. We won’t open today or tomorrow but we’ll review on Thursday when it becomes colder again. There is a chance we’ll be able to open at the weekend or early next week if the forecast is correct.

Possible skiing on Sunday

The forecast is for some heavy snow showers tonight and tomorrow, however with very strong winds. It is very unlikely that we will be able to operate tomorrow but may be able to open on Sunday. We will update the website over the weekend and also put messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Help to put the tows up- this Sunday

Winter’s getting closer and its time to get ready for the snow. We’re putting the tows up this coming Sunday, 7th November starting 10.30 on the field at Allenheads. If you can get there earlier, all the better as the cabin will be open by 10.00. As ever, we need all the help we can get so that we can get the work done during the morning.

If you want refreshments afterwards, the Hemmel Cafe will be open serving Sunday lunches, although you may need to book if you want the lunch – more information at: The Hemmel Cafe – The Cafe in Allenheads. Hope to see you on Sunday,