Joining the Club

Capacity reached for ‘full’ membership. ‘Restricted’ membership now available – see below for details.

To ski with us you need to be a member of the club. Joining the club is straightforward and can be done on-line using the Webcollect service which we use to manage membership and collect subscriptions. For more information about Webcollect and to either renew your membership or join for the first time please go to: Ski-Allenheads on WebCollect

Membership is for the whole winter season for which you pay a single fee.

“Full” Membership

If you have ‘Full’ membership you can come along and ski any time when we are open and run the tows.

‘Restricted’ Membership

If you have ‘Restricted’ membership you may ski/snowboard at Allenheads at all times other than during peak periods. Members will be notified of peak periods by email and on the website. Peak periods are only expected at weekends following good snowfall. The aim of ‘restricted’ membership is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy Ski-Allenheads without making the slopes too busy nor impacting the residents of the village by causing major parking problems. 

You must join on-line and in advance of coming to Allenheads. 

Annual Membership Rates – 2021/2022

Our membership year runs from 1st November to 30th October. Please note the significantly reduced rates for joining before the 1st of December. Also note that ‘Restricted’ membership rates are the same as ‘full’ membership rates.

  • Single – £35.00 – but if you join before 1st December only £25.00
  • Family  – £70.00  – before 1st December £50.00
  • Junior (under 18 on 1st November 2020) – £20.00 – before 1st December £15.00
  • Full-time students and unemployed persons can join at the Junior membership rate as detailed above on production of a student card (Uni Smart Card) or benefits card. Photocopies will be accepted with postal and emailed applications

If you can’t join on-line please complete an application form (Ski-Allenheads Application Form) and follow the instructions on the form for posting it.



A Single, Family or Junior membership entitles you to skiing or boarding at Allenheads for the full season with no extra charge – subject to restrictions mentioned above for ‘restricted’ membership.

Reciprocal Arrangements with Yad Moss and Weardale

Our agreement with Yad Moss and Weardale ski clubs is continuing in the coming season meaning that Ski-Allenheads members can get reduced rate day passes at Yad Moss and Weardale ski clubs. Rates will be £10 for a day for an adult & £5 for juniors. Please make sure you take your 2021/22 Ski-Allenheads membership confirmation with you. For Yad Moss, this arrangement will apply whenever their slopes are open. For Weardale, this will only be for weekdays – their limited car parking makes it impractical for weekends. If you visit their slopes, please check their website for current conditions and especially note that access to Weardale normally needs winter tyres and often a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Text & E-Mail services:

Tell us your mobile phone number or e-mail address and we’ll text and / or e-mail you whenever there is sufficient snow at Allenheads and we plan to run the tows. This is a free service, in addition to the Answer Machine which will continue to give the up to date snow information.


Discount on ski wear and equipment for Club Members at the following:

  • Normal Snow & Rock discount – 10% discount on production of current membership confirmation