Not opening tomorrow

A good turn out today, especially this morning when snow conditions were still good. With a mix of fresh snow, sleet and drizzle – and a sprinkling of sunshine – snow conditions gradually deteriorated ending with a mix of soft snow, some slush and some mud. The forecast for tonight is for the weather to remain cold but not cold enough for the ground to freeze. This means we will not be able to open tomorrow as there will not be enough skiable snow to make the slopes viable. Pity as many people really enjoyed today.

Hopefully we get some more snow before we take down the tows at the end of the month.

Opening today

There’s about 10cms of snow on the field at Allenheads. Temperature about zero. We are starting the tows now and expect to run all day, although this is dependant on snow conditions staying good.

Road to Allenheads from Allendale is clear but take a spade as might have to dig parking space.

No cafe or toilets in Allenheads. Closest for both is Allendale.

Opening tomorrow

The snow which was forecast has arrived and its looking as though there will be enough to open tomorrow and run the tows. We plan to start from about 10.00am assuming conditions are as expected. We will provide a further update in the morning after checking out the field.

If you come to Allenheads, please bring a shovel as its very likely that the snow will have drifted in the parking areas.

Please note that the cafe in Allenheads is now closed, as are the toilets. The nearest toilets are in Allendale Town, where there is also a cafe and two pubs.

Snow this weekend

There is some snow forecast for tomorrow and it seems there may be enough to open and run the tows. The timing of the snow is unclear but it may be possible to open tomorrow afternoon or, more likely, on Saturday. Once we know how things are, I’ll update.

Snow today but not tomorrow

Today started off well with 10 – 15cms of powder but the snow gradually reduced and became patchy as the drizzle took over. Ran A tow until about 3.00pm then the few remaining agreed to call it a day.

Given the drizzle is continuing overnight and the temperature is expected to stay above zero, there won’t be enough snow to allow us to open tomorrow. Still a few weeks of the season, so hopefully we will get more snow before the end of March.

Ski-Allenheads is open

There’s about 10 – 15cms snow on the field and we’re ready to run the tows now. Its breezy but still very cold and should stay cold all day, albeit with some sleet.

The road from Allendale to Allenheads is open and the snowplough has been up and down so access is ok but there is still some snow on the road so care is needed. You will need a shovel to clear a parking place!

Don’t forget that the Hemmel cafe is closed so there is no access to food or toilets in Allenheads.

Expect to open tomorrow

The snow is now falling and more is expected overnight so there should be a good covering by the morning. We will look to open sometime between 10.00 and 11.00am but precise time unclear until we get a chance to check the slope and confirm the roads are open – some uncertainty as there will have been drifting as very strong winds are expected overnight.

I’ll send out another email tomorrow morning when our opening time is clearer.

Couple of warnings:

  • Please take a shovel as you may well have to dig yourself a parking space.
  • The Hemmel cafe is closed as are the public toilets so there is no food and no toilets in the village. The nearest food and toilets are in Allendale Town.

I’d hope the snow will last into Saturday but will update tomorrow evening when we see the conditions.

Snowing Now

The forecast has changed and the snow is now due today rather than this evening. It has now just started to snow so there is not yet enough cover to open but it may be possible to open later today and/or tomorrow. Unfortunately the temperature rises tomorrow so conditions for Saturday are unpredictable. 

Will update later this morning.

Snow This Week

You may have seen the weather warnings for snow tomorrow and Friday and its looking increasingly likely that we will have a reasonable dump with perhaps more over the weekend. Another bit of good weather news is that there should be a frost between now and the snowfall, increasing the chances of it lying.

Our thoughts based on today’s forecast, are that we might be able to open on Friday if access to Allenheads is open and there are volunteers able to get to Allenheads to run the tows. We’ll email an update on Thursday and, after that,  whenever conditions change.