Covid 4 Tier – Ski-Allenheads not operating

Snowsport England have now issued updated guidance for outdoor snow sports in Tier 4 areas. The updated guidance states that recreational skiing and snowboarding continues to be permitted at facilities such as Ski-Allenheads, albeit with some tighter restrictions.
There are also restrictions on travel which are very unclear for activity sports but will be updated by Snowsport England should they affect snowsport.
Due to this new situation, we have insufficient volunteers to safely open and run the tows. In the circumstances, we have decided that we will not open unless the situation changes.
Both Weardale, Yad Moss and local dry ski slopes are continuing to operate. For more information, check their websites.
It’s a pity that the move to Tier 4 has coincided with some good snow conditions. Let’s hope the snow continues until we can re-open!

Covid Tier 4 Update

When we were in a Tier 3 area, we were permitted to open at Allenheads by making it a Covid-Secure environment and by following guidance from Snowsport England. At the moment, we have no guidance from Snowsport England about what is permitted in a Tier 4 area. Having looked at the government information available, it is difficult to predict whether outdoor snowsport at centres like Ski-Allenheads will or will not be allowed. Because of this, we have decided that we will not open until we get confirmation from Snowsport England that we can. If we do get confirmation, we will then have to look at any conditions which may apply and decide whether we can meet them.

No skiing on Wednesday

 People had an enjoyable afternoon skiing & boarding today but the snow is now very thin – down to the grass – and increasingly dangerous. We will not run the tows until we get more snow which may be on Thursday or Friday.


Tows to run today from 1.00pm

There’s a covering of snow at Allenheads and we think it should be enough to ski for at least a few hours. We plan to run the tows from about 1.00pm today. If you plan to come to Allenheads, you must read the rest of this post:

  • Do not come if you have any Covid symptoms
  • Be careful on the field and ensure social distancing at all times
  • Record your visit on the sheet by the main cabin so that we can contact you for track and trace purposes
  • It will not be possible to borrow skis or boots so you must have your own equipment
  • The Hemmel Cafe and the Allenheads Inn are both closed so there will be no toilets available in Allenheads. The nearest toilets are in Allendale Town or Nenthead.
  • None of the cabins will be open for members other than the volunteers running the tows
  • Park carefully and be respectful to the residents of Allenheads. With Covid numbers being high in south west Northumberland, there will inevitably be some concern for them if there are a lot of visitors.

If you do get to Allenheads, enjoy your day.

Not enough snow

It looks like there is not enough snow to compensate for very wet ground plus rain/sleet forecast for overnight and temperatures rising tomorrow. I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until conditions improve before we can open.

Tows-Up Day – 8th November

We will be putting up the ski tows on Sunday 8th November 2020, starting at 10.30am. We ned all of the help we can get to finish the work in the morning, so please come along to help. No special skills needed, just suitable clothing and footwear plus a pair of gloves and, in case you have to work close to other people, a face mask.