Snow Tomorrow & Tuesday

Its looking like we’ll have some snow tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow night and there is a reasonable chance that there will be enough to run the tows, if not tomorrow than better chance on Tuesday. Will update here and on Facebook as the snow falls.

Wet snow but not enough

Happy New Year and the first tempting of snow has arrived. Unfortunately it is not very deep, it’s far to wet to ski on and its already turning to rain. But at least the field has been white for a while. Hopefully more in the near future.

Too little snow

There hasn’t been enough snow overnight to make conditions skiable. Probably a covering but too thin & temperature not below freezing so would be soft ground under the snow.

Snow & Rock 20% Discount

Members only offer at Snow & Rock:
Snow & Rock are closing their shop in Gateshead and moving to Cotswold Outdoor on Northumberland St in the centre of Newcastle. To celebrate the new store, Ski-Allenheads club members are being offered, as a one-off promotion, 20% discount on Snow & Rock products in the store from the 2nd December to the 15th December. This offer is only available to members.

£25 to ski all winter – join now!

Reminder for anyone who hasn’t yet re-joined, that the reduced rate membership for this winter season will end in a just over a week’s time on 30th November. It’s well worth re-joining now as you will save £10 for a single person (that’s only £25 rather than £35) and save £20 for a family – £50 rather than £70.
Given the probability that we’ll get plenty of snow again this year – we’ve had 5 or more days skiing in 8 out of the last 10 years – it’s well worth taking advantage of these cheap rates and be ready for the snow when it arrives.
More info & to join go to