Opening today and tomorrow

A reasonable fall of snow overnight has left a nice covering at Allenheads. We’ll run the tows today from about 11.00, probably until about 5.00pm if the weather stays as sunny as forecast.

The forecast continues to be cold and dry through tomorrow daytime so we plan to run the tows tomorrow, Saturday, from about 10.00 – 5.00pm.

The roads to Allenheads from Hexham appear to be open, although there will be some lying snow in places. Don’t know about access from Weardale or Rookhope.

If you come to Allenheads, please bring a shovel, be prepared to dig a parking place and make sure you don’t block the road for the bus and the snow plough.

Snow forecast – may open tomorrow

Another fluctuating forecast and Allenheads now seems to be on the edge of the snow rather than in the middle. However, there may well be enough today & overnight to make it possible to open sometime tomorrow morning. We’ll monitor the situation and update again later today or tomorrow morning.

If there is enough snow to open, its very likely we’ll also be open on Saturday. Worth planning the day now!

Possible snow this week?

After careful reading of the runes and rubbing two ski poles together, I’m pretty certain that I don’t know if we will get any/enough snow to open this week. Rather like the snowfall last month, there are conflicting forecasts with some predicting snow tomorrow and Tuesday. If the snow does arrive in enough quantity, it should last as the temperatures drop sharply during the week. Long way off, but next weekend is also looking possible.

Its very unlikely there will be enough snow to open tomorrow, but Tuesday is a possibility. There’ll be an update as soon as the conditions become clearer.

Early thaw

Well from the “best snow in England” to the quickest disappearing snow in England. We ran the tows today until 2.15 and 30 – 40 people had an enjoyable, if rather patchy ski & board. I’m afraid that is it for the time being and we’ll have to wait for some fresh snow & cold weather. The next couple of weeks look to be warm & damp but there is talk of a “snow bomb” for mid-February. All a long way off but would be great if it coincides with half term.

“The best snow in England” – and again tomorrow!

Quote from today talking about Allenheads – ” The best snow in England” and it still is. Its remarkable that such a thin covering of snow has lasted so well but it has barely budged all week. The temperature has stayed below freezing so no melting or softening and no ice – just good skiing and boarding conditions. We’re opening again tomorrow from about 10.00am and expect to run the tows until about 4.00pm. The forecasts are varied but there is a good chance the snow will be good all day, although it may deteriorate later in the afternoon and evening.

Parking should not be an issue but, if the parking near the field is busy, there is plenty of space in the large public car park across the road from the Allenheads Inn.

The Hemmel cafe will be open again tomorrow from 10.00am to 3.00pm. Probably no Sunday lunches but their winter menu. For more info, see their Facebook page: The Hemmel Cafe | Hexham | Facebook The toilets in the village are closed but the toilet in the cafe is open even if you don’t buy anything. 

Open Saturday from 10.00am

The snow is lasting well with a good cover virtually everywhere. We’ll open tomorrow about 10.00am and see how things go. The forecast is for the cold to last all day so we can probably run until 4.00pm although some of the runs may degrade during the day. A bit more cloud but should stay bright with sunny spells so very pleasant.

There shouldn’t be any need to dig parking spaces but if the parking near the slope gets busy, there is plenty of space in the public car park across the road from the Allenheads Inn.

The Hemmel cafe will be open from 10.00 – 15.00 for food, drink & toilets.

Open tomorrow and possibly Thursday

Snow conditions have remained good and the freezing temperature means they will stay good tomorrow and possibly into Thursday. We will open tomorrow, Wednesday, around 11.00am and will update tomorrow evening for Thursday.

Please note that the Hemmel Cafe will re-open tomorrow after the New Year break. Also, the toilets in the village are closed but the Hemmel are very happy for people to use their toilets, even if you don’t buy anything – assuming you can resist the temptation of their coffee and cakes!

Open again tomorrow

A good days skiing and boarding today. Only a few cms cover but on hard ground and temperature below zero so enough for some good fun. Blue skies and sunny so a very enjoyable day. Hard frost forecast tonight so the snow will stay and we plan to open tomorrow from about 11.00am.

The bottom of A tow looks a bit worn but still very skiable. All of the hill above the very bottom of A tow has excellent snow.