More skiing tomorrow

Excellent day skiing & snow boarding. Started with a good 15cms deep covering of snow and still complete cover tonight. Plan is to run the tows from 9.30am Friday. Probably only until about lunchtime as forecast for more rain and rising temperature.

The Hemmel Cafe will also be open from 9.30, so pre or post ski food and drink available.

Snow and skiing this week?

Its looking certain we will have some snow but difficult to predict if will be enough to ski, especially as the very strong winds may prevent it lying evenly. Monday & Tuesday looking very doubtful but Wednesday is possible. Keep watching and snow fingers crossed.

Snow Tomorrow & Tuesday

Its looking like we’ll have some snow tonight (Sunday) and tomorrow night and there is a reasonable chance that there will be enough to run the tows, if not tomorrow than better chance on Tuesday. Will update here and on Facebook as the snow falls.

Wet snow but not enough

Happy New Year and the first tempting of snow has arrived. Unfortunately it is not very deep, it’s far to wet to ski on and its already turning to rain. But at least the field has been white for a while. Hopefully more in the near future.

Too little snow

There hasn’t been enough snow overnight to make conditions skiable. Probably a covering but too thin & temperature not below freezing so would be soft ground under the snow.