More preparation for the snow

More work has been done at Allenheads in preparation for the new season.

  •  ‘B’ Tow tractor is in place and ready for the rope to be added
  • Some of the bulkier supports and pulleys have been moved to the top of the field to make it easier to position them when we put the tows up on the 6th November
  • A generator has been installed (thanks again Robert!!) and lighting fitted inside the huts – nice picture below
  • We’ve also bought an initial floodlight to try out the possibility of night time skiing.

Things still to do:

  • Put up the tows – please come & give a hand on Sunday, 6th November, starting at 10.30 at Allenheads
  • Buy and install a new rope for ‘A’ tow. This is planned to be ready for tows-up day
  • Buy and install new matting for the main cabin and the verandah – this will be a seaparate task after the tows are up.
  • Buy and install a webcam. We’re awaiting a bit more information about the kit we need for this but hopefully we will get something working for this coming season.