Covid Guidance for Ski-Allenheads – Updated 29/10/20 for Tows-Up Day

The return to snow sports at Ski-Allenheads during the COVID-19 situation is going to be different and challenging. It will need co-operation and courtesy from everyone, however skiing and snowboarding will be possible this season following guidance from Snowsport England  and advice from the Government.

Ski-Allenheads – Tows up COVID procedure and precautions.

The following precautions have been prepared by ourselves with the specific conditions at Allenheads in mind, however Government guidance must always take precedence.

  • Travel to Allenheads separately unless part of the same family or bubble.
  • Anyone experiencing any COVID symptoms should not attend tows up day.
  • All volunteers must wear a face covering when in close proximity of others and wear gloves.
  • All volunteers should sign in on the day at the main ski hut.
  • Only two persons in the equipment, tractor or ski hut at any time. 
  • Carefully remove equipment in a safe and socially distanced way.
  • Transport or carry tow pulleys in groups of two if possible facing away from each other.
  • Heavy items should be transported using the tractor or trailer if available or can be carried by more volunteers providing all are equally spaced with gloves and face coverings for the shortest time possible. 
  • When finished volunteers should clean or sanitise hands before returning to their vehicles or home.
  • Anyone who develops symptoms within 48hrs of attending tows up should check NHS or Government guidelines and contact Ski Allenheads at
Important Information for Members visiting Allenheads 
  • A sign in sheet for track & trace will be at the main ski hut.
  • There will be no loan of skis, snowboards or boots this season as it is not practical or safe to sanitise these – please bring your own.
  • Keep gloves on at all times when possible.
  • Keep a safe distance around the ski area and especially at the tow.
  • The tows may only run on certain days – we may not open if the snow conditions are marginal or the weather very bad.
  • The access to the ski huts will be restricted.
  • Sanitiser will be available, however please bring your own for personnel use.
  • The amount of members on the slope at any one time may be restricted:
    • 1 tow running – 60 members             
    • 2 tows running – 100 members

Ski-Allenheads club can confirm we have complied with the Government’s guidance on managing the risks of Covid-19 by taking the following actions: 

  • A new COVID-19 snow sports risk assessment has been completed
  • Cleaning and sanitizing facilities will be available.
  • We have taken reasonable steps to maintain social distancing
  • Where people cannot maintain 1 to 2 metre distancing, we have done everything practicable to manage the transmission risk.
  • We have a track and trace system in place for possible infection risk.