Covid Guidance for Ski-Allenheads – Updated 5/1/21 start of national lockdown

Covid Lockdown Update. We planned to open Ski-Allenheads when permitted this season, however the move to a national lockdown on 5/1/21 means that we must now remain closed until restrictions are eased.

The return to snow sports at Ski-Allenheads during the COVID-19 situation is going to be different and challenging. It will need co-operation and courtesy from everyone, however skiing and snowboarding will be possible this season following guidance from Snowsport England .

Important Information for Members visiting Allenheads 
  • A sign in sheet for track & trace will be at the main ski hut.
  • There will be no on the day loan of skis, snowboards or boots this season as it is not practical or safe to sanitise these – please bring your own.
  • Keep gloves on at all times when possible.
  • Keep a safe distance around the ski area and especially at the tow.
  • The tows may only run on certain days – we may not open if the snow conditions are marginal or the weather very bad.
  • The access to the ski huts will be restricted.
  • Sanitiser will be available, however please bring your own for personnel use.
  • The ‘rule of 6’ applies so please don’t use the field as a location for socialising. 
  • The amount of members on the slope at any one time may be restricted:
    • 1 tow running – 60 members             
    • 2 tows running – 100 members

Ski-Allenheads club can confirm we have complied with the Government’s guidance on managing the risks of Covid-19 by taking the following actions: 

  • A new COVID-19 snow sports risk assessment has been completed
  • Cleaning and sanitizing facilities will be available.
  • We have taken reasonable steps to maintain social distancing
  • Where people cannot maintain 1 to 2 metre distancing, we have done everything practicable to manage the transmission risk.
  • We have a track and trace system in place for possible infection risk.