Covid 4 Tier – Ski-Allenheads not operating

Snowsport England have now issued updated guidance for outdoor snow sports in Tier 4 areas. The updated guidance states that recreational skiing and snowboarding continues to be permitted at facilities such as Ski-Allenheads, albeit with some tighter restrictions.
There are also restrictions on travel which are very unclear for activity sports but will be updated by Snowsport England should they affect snowsport.
Due to this new situation, we have insufficient volunteers to safely open and run the tows. In the circumstances, we have decided that we will not open unless the situation changes.
Both Weardale, Yad Moss and local dry ski slopes are continuing to operate. For more information, check their websites.
It’s a pity that the move to Tier 4 has coincided with some good snow conditions. Let’s hope the snow continues until we can re-open!